Introducing : Splash Cosmetics

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Splash Cosmetics : Shower Whips, Body Scrubs, Bath Bomb Dusts, Bath Salts!

Made in Margate, by the seaside

The aim of Splash Cosmetics is to provide top quality handmade cosmetics without having to sacrifice our environment.

Our environment is so important and it’s biggest problem at the moment is plastic pollution.  This is why there are no plastics in our products or packaging.  We have also focused on making SLS free cosmetics.

SLS is a harsh surfactant which is what creates foam in bath products. SLS has been proven to damage marine life after it goes down our drains and makes its way into our oceans. All of our handmade cosmetics are SLS free. Splash Cosmetics is based in a seaside town our seas and oceans are very close to out heart so as we grow as a company so will our contribution into making the environment better.

Not only do our products need to be good for the environment they need to be great for our customers! We aim to stimulate all of the senses with great smelling products that are colourful and feel great on your skin. To get our great scents we have carefully selected essential oils that not only smell great but have beneficial properties.

We only use the finest quality essential oils that we blend together to making magical combinations. For the eye catching colours we use environmentally friendly ingredients and biodegradable glitter. All of our products will leave your skin feeling amazing from great moisturising ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter which are all Vegan friendly too!


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